Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This week calls for a happy dance!

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We're more than a little excited to tell you, we've gotten the most holy of all shout-outs from SERIOUS-MOTHER-FLIPPIN-EATS.... Or, "Serious Eats", to be a tinch less ghetto ;) Its more exciting than the time Steph accidently invented Cioccolato Scuro! Heck, this is more exciting than me rising to my pinnacle of geek-dom in 93', beating Mario 2 in less than 13 minutes. (Just use the friggin' princess...) I digress...

Okay so, we're sure you know about their fabulous, informative, community based food blog, right? Well, if ya aint heard.... you'd bettah axe somebody. Anyhoo, their new book hit Amazon and the shelves toady and we're pleased as punch to to announce that Capogiro has been deemed #1 on their list of "Top 5 Gelato Spots we Love". [Page 288!] For a baker's dozen of Termini's cannoli, we promise to sign your copy. 

Thanks again for the kind words, Serious Eats. We think you're #1 too :D

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