Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter is coming.

November has just arrived, and Winter is coming. We have already dealt with the first snowfall of the season. This was one of the longest Summers, which means this will be a great Winter. Some of you have only seen the Summer, the Winter is a harsh, bitter time. I have compiled a list of ways to deal with the brutal Winter that will soon fall.
1. Gather all your pelts and wools that you have put away in the tower. They have not seen the light in sometime, and they will not see it again for sometime to come.
2. Be sure to fill yourself with hot, homemade soups and stews. I have heard Capogiro has the best chili this side of Riverrun. (Don't go to Pentos, they have horrible soup.)
3. Either forge yourself a greatsword, or have a blacksmith do it for you. The White Walkers move South during Winter. You must be on guard. King's Landing has some of the best shops, but they are a bit pricey.)
4. Finally, make sure you don't lose hope for Winter to end and Summer to come again. Treat yourself with some imported Italian Hot Chocolate. It is a rich, thick, sipping chocolate. Capogiro has the finest cacao imported from Myr. Make sure you still indulge your desires for gelato while you are there. There is comfort in remembering a warmer time.
Warm wishes and great luck to you,
Jon Snow

By Caitlin Welge

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