Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sir Gordon doth approach

As you, dear fans and readers, know, Gordon Ramsay flew into our
quaint South Philly neighborhood this past week on a, you guessed it, helicopter made entirely of knives! The town was in a tizzy; it was an awesome sight for sure. We managed to keep his crew and Don Gordon himself fueled for with our swift baristi special skills. ( I won bragging rights to having made Ramsay a latte and scooping him a fine cup of Pistacchio Sicciliano and Bacio [he found both to taste delicious]*) I only wish he could have stuck around a lil longer.. CapoYunk just got in veggie-friendly spicy pumpkin soup and a yellow lentil soup that I have teared up while tasting. To see a hardened chef with world renown weep over lentil soup would have been quite the sight, more incredible than a helicopter made entirely of knives.


*My face for the rest of the week

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