Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a gorgeous Friday. Let's look at pictures of dogs!

Is this anything but a shameless excuse to post a buncha pictures of my favorite dogs? WHO CARES? Off we go...


My dog. Best dog ever. (Not open to debate.) Yes, she's since passed, but let's not dwell on that. Half pit bull, half lab, all love sponge. Seriously lazy whenever she could make time for it. Loved watching (read: napping in front of) football on Sundays. Fan of beer and spicy food. SO good with the nieces and nephews. Excellent co-pilot with whom to drive across the country. Had more than one girlfriend squeal, "She's so cute I'm gonna steal her!" One broke up with me pretty much immediately after I stated my confidence that Rosie would be with me a lot longer than she was. I was right, of course. I miss my dog.


Rosie's brother. All the same kinds of awesome. (Remember me posting some unspeakably bad poetry about dogs a few months ago? It was about these two.) Wilson was, it's gotta be said, agreeably dumb. But look how distinguished he looks with a gray beard! Like a substantially more cheerful Sean Connery.


Rosie and Wilson's step-brother. Also known by a variety of other, less family friendly names. Probably the brains of the outfit when the three of them got together. To be honest, adopting dogs from the same litter with your best friends makes for many cheerful, beery, summer back yard evenings.


Rosie's step-sister. Have to admit, when you've got yourself, your dog, your sister, your sister's dog, your niece, your sister's best friend, and your sister's best friend's dog who also happens to be your sister's dog's brother, you've got a pretty happy household. The back yard helped. Now Ruby lives with my sister, my niece, my other sister, my nephew, my other niece, my brother-in-law, two other dogs, at least one turtle, as many koi as the local herons have left, and for quite a while a hedgehog...that's just a menagerie. Awesome familial chaos. Ruby, Aussie Shepherd that she is, herds them all.

LAYLA! And a beer good enough to drive to Delaware for.

Best boxer ever. Not spastic! If you've never seen an un-cropped tail nub twitching while you're scratching a fuzzy It'll put a little joy in your world. Seriously, I love a spasming tail nub almost as much as I love a destructively and enthusiastically swinging tail. (Beer+coffee table+tail=inevitable alcohol abuse.)


Vinny's the thespian of the bunch. Also goes by a variety of lewd nicknames. You've actually seen him in a dog food commercial, though his home movies--which are a little mature for a family-friendly blog--are way cooler. He's part of my Los Angeles crew. Mellowing like a fine wine, Vinny is. Little astringent at first, if you see what I'm getting at. Much better sofa dog than some others on this list.


Sarah's boy. Official CapoMascot. Loves to shove his face into a big bowl of Fior. (Have you given your dog gelato today?) Loves his housemate Albert more than he's willing to admit, because Albert happens to be a cat. Sharing a sofa with Toro is challenging, but at least he feels guilty about shoving you off.

DOGS! Dogs.

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  1. alright. i have watched that four times. my favorite part is the spinning chairs.