Friday, November 11, 2011

Totes jelly, brah. Totes jelly.

So Becca went to see Andrew Bird a couple weeks ago. Not once, but TWICE. And she didn't take me, I guess because her boyfriend wanted to go or something. Which, I mean, sure. Whatever. I'll stay here and work while you get to watch THIS happen:

It's looking like a great weekend. And we have cherimoya! Another one of those genuinely exotic fruits that Dan and Sarah get giddy over. And delicious soup! On one of these perfectly blustery fall weekends, where the temperatures have finally, truly, thankfully dropped and the leaves are blowing in gyres of fire and rustle, soup and a strong beer sounds pretty much perfect.

A brief reflection on the times in which we live:

which is really, really funny in a totally 2011 (for only a little longer! WHAT THE...) meta-sorta-way and has its basis in the awesomely funny Hyperbole and a Half, which is pretty much the best thing on the interwebs. Though the post about her dog getting lost (but coming back home!) can be a little tear-jerking for the fans-of-four-feet among us. So. We'll see you this weekend, yeah? Don't forget your hat!

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