Friday, December 2, 2011

Our special is specialer than their special.

So. A Citywide Special. Sort of a hallowed Philadelphia institution, particularly if you're looking to get tight on the cheap: a can of cheap lager and a shot of cheap liquor. It's humble, it's serviceable, it's...kinda meh. Humble and serviceable? Is that really what we think of ourselves as a city? ESPECIALLY since the two components are so frequently imported from, I dunno, Milwaukee or somewhere out there in the flyover states.

We thought to our selves, "Selves, we can do better." So we're really excited to open the curtain on our own, strictly Philadelphian, let's-class-up-this-jawn-a-bit Citywide: Yard's ESA from the draft and a shot of Philadephia Distilling's Shine Whiskey.

Yard's Extra Special Ale is one of the truly few ambers available that ISN'T like The Eagles (the band, not the team. Though, dammit, increasingly the team)--bland, innocuous, middle-of-the-road pablum. ESA has character. It's got complexity. It has...flavor. A lot of it, and in all the right places. This beer's taste is positively curvy, if you see what I'm getting at. Everybody should have a go-to beer and if you live in Philly, this should be it.

We're matching it up with Philadelphia Distilling's Shine Whiskey, a total throwback. You'll sip it (I do recommend sipping it, but knock that sucker back if you're feeling kinky) and gather immediately that yeah, this is a corn whiskey for sure. It's sweet, it's hot, and it's definitely got some bite--just what everyone's looking for, right? Know what I'm saying? For sure it'll make a tasty cocktail, and you can bet we'll have them for you, too. But just in a glass, with a ESA back? Good.

This is Capogiro's Citywide: All Philly, all the time. Because honestly--we have this conversation more often than you'd think, though now you might be wondering who "we" is, exactly--we love our town, and we love local people like Yard's and Philly Distilling that make seriously good things right here at home. Like us, not for nothing. So come see us, especially if you're visiting from out of town. You'll leave with a glow.

As always...have a good weekend everyone. Time to start snuggling into that holiday sweater.

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