Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas movies that aren't really about Christmas

More dogs in Santa hats!! More!

Christmas movies are typically centered around themes such as family, togetherness, the joy of giving, and selflessness. However, some movies are about things that don't suck, like monsters and shipwrecks! Just because the Christmas holiday makes an appearance in certain films, doesn't mean the movie is all about Christmas. Here's a list of...

Tandy's Top 10 Christmas Movies That Have Very Little To Do With Christmas!

Gremlins (1984). Billy gets a mogwai for Christmas. Billy doesn't listen to the rules, gets it wet, and feeds the spawn after midnight. Melee ensues. Also, as I've blogged before, Phoebe Cates delivers the most gruesome and amazing Christmas monologue ever.

Home Alone (1990). With a forgotten child, Wet Bandits, and an ever adorable aftershave scene, who can forget this timeless classic? And why did Macaulay Culkin have to grow up to be such a pasty, gangly trouty-mouth?

Grumpy Old Men (1993) This is a classic winter tale staring the always cheeky Walter Mathau and Jack Lemmon. True story, when I was a kid my father and I went to the video store to rent this movie, and my dad asked the teenaged clerk if they had "Dirty Old Men" in stock. The clerk got really red and told my father that they "didn't carry those kinds of films, sir". My father never went there again.

Better Off Dead (1985). Fraunch fries? Fraunch toast? This classic Cusack movie tells the tale of a teen dealing with breakups, a new exchange student, a homicidal paper boy, and a ski competition against a total tool. I want my two dollars!

Die Hard (1988). Terrorists try to seize control of an office building during the Christmas holiday. Oddly enough, for Die Hard 2, terrorists try to seize control of an airport during the Christmas holiday. Apparently terrorists reeeeally like Christmas.

While You Were Sleeping
(1995). This movie is about a stalker. Sandra Bullock plays an insane woman who falls in love with a guy in a coma. In. A. Coma. Like totally unconscious. Really, it's creepy.

The Holiday (2006). I actually watched this romantic comedy whilst dog sitting for Sarah. Her bulldog and I wept giant squishy tears over the charming plot. This movie will actually make you not hate Cameron Diaz. As much.

Cast Away (2000). One fateful Christmas Eve, Tom Hanks' FedEx plane crash lands on a deserted island. Somehow, there is still dialogue in this film, thanks to the inclusion of a bloody volleyball. Who else cried when Wilson floated away?

Mean Girls (2004). Although this movie has very little to do with Christmas, who can forget the tender rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock" that the girls perform? BTW, congrats on the recent Playboy spread, Lindsay, those pictures looked absolutely nothing like you!

Love Actually (2003). THIS IS THE SINGLE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE!!!!! It's funny, it's tear jerking, it's Chrismas-y, it's British! If you do not adore Love Actually, then you have no soul or are just a scumbag.

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