Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Letter to Santa

Deeeeeeeeear Santa,
Here is our wish list! We here at 13th street have been very very nice this year. The only naughty incidents were a few months when Sarah bumped a tray of cones and they fall down the stairs... and then a few weeks later Dawne did the same exact thing. But Rudolph forgave them, so they're good to go.

We don't have too many wishes, but we know you're busy, so whatever you can handle would be great.

Thank you!
Capo13th <3

1. Endless pints of Strawberry gelato and sorbetto
2. A new puppy.
3. Enough of that delicious Capo bacon for at least 1 serving (aka 6 pieces) a day for a whole year.
4. Cool new bike helmets for everyone.
5. A hammock for napping in.
6. Candied Chestnuts on the daily.
7. Teleportation capabilities.
8. A doggie spa visit for Toro the Dog
9. Some snow so we can have a snowball fight please!

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