Friday, October 29, 2010

You don't even KNOW what I'ma 'bout to drop on you...


In praise of the dog,
An ode to MY dog,
So sweet, so squirmy, so stubborn.

Through leaves you go prancing
Like a nutty deer dancing
Tail wobbling, you’re all in a joy.

The breath’s not so fresh
But tongue love’s the best
So stinky and wet, but well-meant.

My shoes, in an hour
Conflicted, you devoured
Shows you love, but they were expensive!

I know you know better
‘Tried not to—but they’re leather!’
I paid for them though, not to mention dog food.

With spare time and more
You lounge on the floor
On back, belly up and submissive.

Your legs are a-flail
All tongue and all tail
On the carpet, your hackles are shedding.

There’s hair everywhere
On my coat! On my chair!
It’s why I don’t let you in bed.

I wish I still could
Your warmth is so good
But unappealing is a dog hair bedspread.

Ah, you love to say hi
Never ever are shy
Unfortunate for those who aren’t dog lovers.

You’ll charge them—Oh no!
‘Not vicious—I’ll show!
I really just want to give tongue love!’

But they just don’t care
Big mouth—what a scare!
They just know that you look like a Pit Bull.

It’s the Lab-half not seen
And with love you’re so free
But your reputation approaches before you.

So I’ll keep you on-leash
And shorten your reach
Though I know you just want to run nutty.

Oh Rosie, silly dog
‘I’m a dog, I’m a dog!’
I know it’s all you yell out the window.

So play with me now
And together we’ll howl
And go try to find me a girlfriend.

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