Monday, October 4, 2010

Devious furballs!

Once upon a time, an orange striped kitten found his way from Amish country (land of our milk!) into the hands of a kind, and perhaps gullible girl from Philadelphia. The kitten was a wee pound and few ounces and had a pipsqueak of a meow, some sharp pointy teeth, and quite a wobbly stance.

The gullible girl shortly came to realize that due to the fast approaching date of her move across the country, she wouldn't be able to keep the kitten. Uh oh! She knew what she had to do, and it didn't involve kitten soup. She searched near and far, high and low, alllll across the land for a home suitable for what was turning into a charmer of a fluffball.

Some telegrams to friends and word of mouth, brought news of the kitten to a girl (potentially gullible as well) from Broomall, a cute curvy-laned suburb of the city. After a day of thought and a few days dedicated to gaining the support of her brother, approval from her parents, and an 'oh hell why not' meow from the current family cat, the kitten had found a new home!

The day before his arrival in Broomall, a name for the kitten had finally been decided upon. It was a long-debated topic, but well worth the debate. Charlie! An absolutely brilliant name for a kitten so fine. On his first day in the house, Charlie was immediately re-dubbed Chuck Berry by one family member, and Buster by another, but after a week or so of settling in, it was Charlie, paws down.

Mama the existing family cat didn't take to Charlie so well. The family was hoping that Mama would adopt Charlie and make use of her name. Instead, Mama communicates with Charlie using a combination of glares and hisses. On occasion, she'll let out a low meow which to us sounds threatening, but to Charlie sounds like a hearty invitation to play. Charlie respects Mama to the fullest extent possible, but like any growing boy... he is convinced he's a superhero and thus embodies a daredevil, a charmer, a star athlete, and a occasional emotional teenager. None of which impress Mama.

While Mama the cat still reigns the house, Charlie has safely made his way into the hearts of the family. He has a loving mama named Colleen (the girl), an awesome playmate named Ryan (her brother), a dedicated caregiver named Trisha (mom) and a darn good cuddle buddy in a 6'5'' man named Paul (dad).

If you wish to be so fortunate as to meet Charlie some day, or perhaps join him for a game of chase or a meal of kibble, you are more than welcome to do so. You may also join his family for Capogiro night! It's their favorite weekly dessert. Until those dates are arranged, you can keep his picture (he's ready to pounce on a target on the kitchen floor) with you. Charlie is a growing boy, so while you can certainly expect a dashing physique when you meet him, don't expect the kitten version of it. During Charlie's most recent visit to the vet, he weighed in at 4 pounds 7 ounces. Wow is right! He's a kitten for now, but he's swiftly growing into tiger at heart ;)

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