Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Untold Tale of Apple, and Mascarpone

Today we have a special pairing. It does not include the bosc pear. (heh heh heh) It is the beautiful joining of apple with mascarpone. The apple and cheese have been great friends for century upon century. The apple tree was first planted in October millions of years ago on Pluto when it was still a planet. The tree was planted as part of a test for the Universe's first cat and dog, Katy and Joe. They both lived in a beautiful flannel kingdom. The only food they had to eat was Puppy Chow and 9 Lives. Along came a snake with a hidden agenda named Zachary. He told Katy and Joe of the great apple tree that was growing outside their kingdom. Katy, being a cat, grew too curious to handle and ate one of the apples from the tree. As soon as she took her first bite, she and Joe were beamed up onto a spaceship with a giant swirl on the side. Once on the ship they were welcomed by three strange creatures. A tall woman with giant metal spoons named Captain Tandy, an awkward robot overheating from doing inventory named Ryan, and a confused alien eating cheese named Caitlin. Katy was shocked and scared and scurried behind what she thought was a wall. The wall was not a wall at all, in fact it was the ships intelligence the C.O.L.E. (Capogiro Officer of Legendary Knowledge) The C.O.L.E. saw the apple and started speaking in tongues and using words with 4 and 5 syllables. This uproar caused great noise which awoke the ship's princesses Amanda and Kami. Kami saw the cheese and took it from Caitlin knocking into Katy who in turn dropped the apple. The apple rolled after Kami who tripped and landed with her face next to the apple. Being the hungriest princess in space, Kami shoved the apple and cheese in her dainty mouth and let out a holler. "This, is the best thing, I have ever tasted." Upon hearing and seeing this Amanda sauntered over and took in the situation. After 34 seconds she announced, "This apple would be best with mascarpone." Since this day, the great and elite Capogiro Gelactica has brought together the pairing of apples and mascarpone for the people of Earth to enjoy every fall.

Written by C. Welge

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