Thursday, October 7, 2010

Night Market!

If you're like many Philadelphians than you enjoy the plethora of street markets this city has to offer. South Philly is home to the Italian Market which is a constantly bustling permanent market that floods the streets with people every day. There are great farmers markets to be found near South Street or at Clark Park. Personally as much as I enjoy these street markets I sometimes find myself growing weary of the fast paced transactions that are encountered there. Fortunately there is an alternative!!!
Based on the traditions from Asian countries (predominately Taiwan) Philadelphia is hosting its own Night Market! A Night Market is very similar to a farmers market or food festival but with as very different atmosphere. The goal of the market is to provide a wide arrange of food and treats to a large group of people in a relaxed and slower paced environment.
I'm sure the major differences between a Taiwanese Night market and a Philadelphia one will be quite subtle.
I can't even tell the difference
The Market enables Philadelphians to try some Gelato, some fries, maybe even a spaghetti dinner with their friends. The market runs from 6pm till 10pm giving an optimal amount of time to soak up the Philly vibe at your own pace. I know I can't wait to get myself some of those crispy chicken tiddlers I love so much.

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