Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thawing out

Sadly, we are one Capogiro short these next few weeks due to an unfortunate pipe burst at Capo on 20th street.  Hang in there guys!! Apologies to all the confused customers that have been trying to pay a visit there.  Not to worry though, because Capo13 is just down the street, so come hang out with us so you don't have to go without your Capo fix while we get 20th St back into tip-top shape..

What’s new in town?  Well blood orange sorbetto is still here and is getting more and more delicious as the winter passes.  But what I really wanna mention are the Double Chocolate Sea Salt Shortbread cookies that our baker has been whipping up.  These are hands down, the best cookies I have ever consumed.  They have a real rich cocoa taste that isn’t too sweet and have chunks of sea salt hidden all over.  They are becoming an addiction of mine...

Also I want to give a shout out to the delicious Four Cheese Yukon Gold Potato soup we have been serving.  Talk about sweet and savory.

-Tori Styner

PS- Our new CapoBiscotti are on their way!!!

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