Thursday, January 30, 2014

One more reason why I'm cheering for the Seahawks on Sunday

Because I for sure am. Obviously having lived in Seattle for five years, I'm a fan of all (well, now both) of the pro teams there. The only pro football games I've ever gotten to go to were at Seahawk Stadium Qwest Field Centurylink Field, and trust me that it's exactly as loud as you've heard. The noise on the away teams' third downs is like a physical force in your gut, and it's awesome. Granted this was when the Seahawks were relatively crappy, and you could actually get a seat in the stadium! $100+ for literally the last row in the house, but have you checked Eagles tickets lately? Insanity. Also the reaction to Richard Sherman's post-game interview the other week was ugly, and if you've written him off as...well, as embodying any of the insults people have hurled at him lately, you for sure need to learn more about him.

But then there's this story out of New York about a bunch of Broncos players eating everything in sight at a Manhattan sushi restaurant and then getting shirty that the restaurant didn't offer steak. And then required the restaurant staff to...go find steak. And cook it for them. That's pretty lame. Actually, that's amazingly lame. And entitled. And demonstrates a really ugly level of self-regard.

Listen, when you're deciding on a restaurant to eat at, you ready to eat the food that restaurant's offering. Go to a Mexican place because you want tacos al pastor. If you want pho you should go to a pho restaurant. (Luckily since we have Washington Avenue, you can have yourself a pretty good restaurant crawl and have tacos AND pho in the space of an hour or so, though you might find yourself waddling by the end.)

I remember going to a relatively high-end restaurant with a friend a few years ago. He was considering a shrimp dish that looked amazing, but at the time he was a picky eater and wasn't going to entertain shrimp. And he asked for it to be made with chicken breast instead. I was pretty mortified. The restaurant totally accommodated him and more power to them for it, but I made the argument to my friend that the chef had absolutely designed the dish with shrimp in mind, not the generally useless (at least I have little use for it) damp rag of protein that is the chicken breast. Eat the food the chef has in mind! It's kind of the point of the whole thing.

Anyway, now we know what kind of people the Broncos are--or at least a certain subset of them, since I'm not actually so vitriolic a sports fan as to paint the whole team with the whole broad brush. But I'm still looking forward to Beast Mode Beast Mode-ing all over some fools' heads this Sunday. Go Hawks!

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