Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Snowy Night at Capogiro

Snow Snow and more Snow.  It's turning into a blizzard out there as I sit in the cafe and sip on a delicious Chai tea.  Despite this particular snowy night, the cafe has been absolutely packed since the beginning of the holiday season. People could not get enough of our gelato and other treats.  Holiday favorites included the Sweet Potato Pecan Praline Gelato, the lil'flower marshmallows, and Capogiro giftcards in all amounts.

Yesterday saw plenty of mummer's mummering up and down the block with their umbrellas and gold shoes.  This is only my second experience with the mummers so I was still slightly confused the entire day.  Nonetheless the  mummers were a cheerful amusing sight from the windows of our Capogiro.  

We hope you all had a safe and pleasant holiday season, we certainly appreciate all the business and cheer you brought us and we hope to see lots more of you this year!

- Tori Styner

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