Thursday, January 16, 2014

So long, and thanks for all the fish...

You know how sometimes you close your eyes and when you open them, seconds later, five years have passed?

Me too.

Dear Capogiro,

Remember that time the van exploded outside of 13th Street?

Or the day we got our event license a mere moments before L&I closed, the day before PIFA's massive, wildly successful Street Fair?

That time National Geographic said we were the BEST ice cream in the WORLD!?

How about when everyone who worked Meatopia except me almost dropped dead from injury or heat exhaustion, yet we somehow came out of it as the most popular kids at the party?

The triumphant reopening of 13th Street after the gelato case caught fire?

I realize these things probably sound like bad things, but for near disasters, they ended up being some of my favorite moments. I could go on like this for pages, as I could go on with the names of the people I have come to know and love in my time here. But for now, I'll say that tomorrow is my last day. And tonight I am awash in memories and nostalgia and excitement and, above all, so, so grateful.

You guys have been my insides and my laughs and my tears and my saviors and my heros. Y'all have taught me everything - how to be better than I ever thought I could, and how to drive laps around the city in the middle of August over and over and over again to make sure everyone had what they needed in order to rockstar the hell out of a crazy Friday night.

Steph - for all the recipes, all the support, and all the pizza -
I'll sure never forget it.

I love you guys. Be good. Stay cool.

(Cool, get it? 'Cause gelato?)

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