Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bronte's Pistachio, The Green Gold of Capogiro

Ciao a tutti!

Have you ever experienced the glories of our pistachio gelato?! And did you know that in keeping with our high quality standards, we use only the BEST pistachios!? We source them directly from Italy-Bronte, Sicily to be exact- the pistachio mecca of the world!

I've always had a deep love and appreciation for the pistachio...with its vibrant green sheen, antioxidants, and satisfyingly savory crunch, it-to me- is the king of all nuts! In between cooking classes in Sicily last summer, I perused the vibrant markets and specialty shops, mesmerized by the colors and aromas of fresh produce, sharp provolone, salami, and more. Moreover, I sought out anything and everything that was made with pistachio- liquor, spreads, granita, cassata,brittle, torrone, biscotti, and of course- gelato! While there, I learned about "l'ordo verde" or the "green gold" of Bronte.

Bronte, located in the northeast of Sicily and close in proximity to Mount Etna, is home to the best pistachios in the world! In fact, the pistachio is the principal economic resource of the region and its cultivation accounts for approximately eighty percent of the regions arable land! The fertile volcanic soil makes for one of the best tasting nuts on the face of the earth and guess what?- you don't have to fly across water to taste its sumptuousness!

Come in to any one of our locations and ask for a taste of our pistachio gelato- it's a staple flavor! And no- it is not green because of food coloring- its eye-pleasing hue is sourced only from the radiance of  the nut! Try it paired with our famous dark chocololate (cioccoloto sciuro) or perhaps the pomegranate!

Cheers e buon appetito!


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