Thursday, October 3, 2013

No f'real we're a great restaurant town!

Hi. Hi! Are you mayhap British? Because Adam Erace, one of our favorite Philadelphia food writers, shouted us out in The Guardian today. We're goin' international!

Mostly his point was that Philadelphia is a rippin' good restaurant town, and I totally couldn't agree more (stipulating that my opinion is far more humble and far less educated than his). My sister and I are still kicking around restaurant options for her birthday, and it's sort of like the best kind of window shopping, knowing that ultimately we (read: she) will eventually settle on somewhere we can go have an actual dining experience.

I'll admit that I'm maybe a little more spoiled and unappealingly blase about dining experiences. Between being in the industry for as long as I have and being pretty dedicated to seeking good food with a certain regularity, I've maybe been exposed to fine dining more than most. Which holy cow sounds incredibly pretentious to type out like that. But I also just spent half an hour trying to find the picture on my phone of my favorite ribs ever (they were at Southwark and you should definitely go there if you haven't yet) but that picture seems to have disappeared. So here's instead here's a picture of the most Philadelphia dinner special ever:

courtesy of Han Dynasty the last time we all got it together sufficiently to clear our schedules enough to get out for a managers' dinner (the picture of the ribs would have been way better, and for that I'm sorry).

So yeah! You could totally use Erace's piece at The Guardian as a guide to where to go eat. It's a pretty good list! So is Philadelphia Magazine's list of the 50 best restaurants in town, which is always great fuel for debate. But go out and eat! You can for sure make a good (great even!) meal at home, but eating a well-made meal with people you care about in a special place is important, too. (And then come see us for dessert.)

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