Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't let your gourd down!

It's actually out! It's not yet what I would term "cold," despite seeing everyone scrabbling around the sidewalks the last few days bundled up like the next over-blown Hurrpsnowpacalypse  is allegedly bearing down on the city. I'm always left thinking, "It's like 53 degrees out. What are you going to do when it's THIRTY DEGREES COLDER?!", but I'm maybe excessively climatically unsympathetic. 

But it is finally getting to truly be fall and the best thing about that is that our gourd-geous (gonna be a couple more of those) fall flavors are going strong. We're getting the best longneck pumpkins that Lancaster county can provide us, which means it's time for our yearly reminder that the zucca gelato does not, as a matter of fact, taste like pumpkin pie. It tastes like pumpkins, and they're pretty great all on their own. Riding along with the pumpkins is the acorn squash--a little more savory, which makes complete sense when you consider that acorn squashes are more closely related to zucchini than they are the pumpkin end of the gourd family. Which is curious to me since most zucchini dishes leave me gourd out of my mind. 

And since it's apple-picking season, we've given some of the cows afternoons off so they can go harvest fruit to press into cider. It makes the cows happy and gives us the opportunity to make you cider sorbetto with clove and hot apple cider, both of which you can find regularly in all of the Capogiros. But we're CapoPenn and we like things boozy, so come see us and we'll put some booze in your cider. 

So my other favorite thing about the weather finally turning cooler? I can bust out my cycling gloves again. Bright, screaming neon green fingers! Very effective for, uh..."signalling" at my fellow travelers. Anyway. Come see us! Spiked apple cider really is great. And remember: the pun is mightier than the gourd. (Told you there'd be more.)

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