Thursday, October 10, 2013

One of these things is not like the other (and there are only two things)

It's something we run into pretty regularly--a first-timer will come in looking for vanilla and maybe we won't have it that day. Then they'll notice our fior di latte and ask, "hey that's pretty much vanilla, right?"

I hate to sound strident, Our fior and our vanilla really, really are two different beasts. And pretty frequently when I get the "pretty much vanilla" question, my response is something along the lines of "Well, there isn't actually any vanilla in it, so."

They're both delicious, of course. Sure we'd likely be tough to pin down on a "signature" flavor, but the fior is probably it. It's the foundation of everything else we make, of course. It's simple, it's clean, it's representative of the earth it's coming's great, obviously. And our kitchen staff got a nice peak on it today:

And then our vanilla (which we don't have in the case today or else I'd have a picture of that too, natch) is so good because we start with the fior (see above) and add in the best vanilla we can find (in a variety of forms that I'm not allowed to tell you about). When we make vanilla, we're going to make you some VANILLA. So often (and this is why I generally don't like vanilla anything in frozen form) when you submit yourself to someone else's doesn't actually taste like vanilla anything. It tastes like weak milk and boring. Our vanilla gelato is...I'm going to go with redolent. You know you're getting real vanilla, not some imitation extract.

So really this comes down to another instance of where, if you come in with a flavor already in mind before you see what's in the case (or check our website, of course), you may well be disappointed. We'll always have our fior di latte, of course. So that's something you can rely on! But our vanilla is almost as special as our fior, so it's presence is a bit fleeting. We'll always have 20-some other wicked good flavors though, so get out of your comfort zone a little and maybe try something new. Like tahini! Totally under-rated, that.

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