Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hot Apple Cider

One of the most sure-fire signs that Autumn is finally here is the arrival of Hot Apple Cider at Capogiro.   Though for the last week it has felt like the middle of summer all over again Cider has finally made it's return to Capo13 to vanquish the warm weather I was not prepared to handle this last week.  While the warmth was lovely I am ready for sweater and pants weather and the accompanying hot apple cider to warm me up!!

I remember being edu-ma-cated by Ned Flanders years ago when the Simpsons ran into the Flanders clan on a trip to a local cider mill in an autumn themed episode.  If you weren't sure how to tell the difference then the following video explains the visual queues.

The main difference between juice and cider is the way it is processed and filtered which does make visible identification a pretty solid way to tell the difference.  The Massachusetts government website even has a pretty great explanation on it too.  Basically apple cider is made by crushing apples into what is essentially an apple sauce consistency pulp which is then placed between two filter clothes and compressed until all the juice comes out of it.  It is bottled at the stage.  Apple juice is further filtered to remove any particulates and paustruerized to increase it's shelf life.  Not that this is a terrible thing but i do love the fresh flavor of cider over juice myself. 

Stop by and ask for a hot cup of cider!  We even have nutmeg and cinnamon for you to add to your own personal taste!

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