Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's strollin' weather!

Hey, where do you live? Do you find yourself frustrated sometimes that you don't have a Capogiro close enough to you to really attend to your needs? Because we're the kind of folk who LISTEN. And who like to mill about the city looking for people to whom we might hand gelato, so if you're way out there by the Delaware River (I'm a West Philly guy, remember) we're in your neighborhood Friday evenings!

And like I've said before, we're always where the cool things are happening. And we knew pretty instantly that The New Market was going to be cool. Remember how a long time ago people would make useful, excellent things and then gather together to offer them to the community around them? THAT'S what The New Market is all about. Not big-box stores. Not importer-exporter-wholesalers-distributors. Local businesses selling to local people, ideally outside in nice weather (or not so nice weather, so consider yourself briefed--this is a rain-or-shine kinda thing).

Expanding on what is one of the longest continuously operating outdoor farmers' markets in the country, The New Market is settling in at The Headhouse Square Shambles on 2nd Street between Pine and Lombard on Fridays. That picture up there? It's from right around where we're talking, believe it or not. It's definitely a revival of an old market tradition in that part of town, which might be my favorite part about the whole thing. I dig Philly's age.

And while we sure do love doing food-centric events, these are a little different.There are definitely some awesome comestibles on offer (hey Philly Love Bar, you know we <3 the stuffing out of you!), but it's about so much more than food. To be honest, if you attempted to gnaw on one of the Philly Roller Girls, the consequences would probably be dire. Urban garden designers, furniture made from reclaimed materials, professional photographers...honestly, it really is the kind of perfect outdoor market to stroll through on a gorgeous early summer evening--soundtracked by live classical music!

For our part, we've decided to bring as much as we can of what you love about Capogiro every week. Not only are we doing our best, freshest seasonal flavors (you're going to have to stop by to find out what we're scooping any given week), but we can pack a pint (or three) for you to stash away in your freezer or stack a cone to keep a hand free for your dog's leash while you walk. And while The Market is definitely about the old-school way of doing things, we DO like us some we can handle your credit card if you're feeling cash-averse.

So! Queen Village, Society's your turn. The New Market runs most every Friday from 5pm to 9pm, rain or shine, and is dog and kid-friendly. And remember! No gnawing on the Roller Girls.

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