Friday, September 25, 2009

Capoyunk Movie Mondays

We're feeling French again this Monday for our weekly movie night. We had an awesome turnout last Monday with the screwball comedy antics of Divorzio all'italiana that we wanted to keep the same goofball laughs coming. So Monday, at 7pm, come out and check out barista Skye's pick Mon Oncle.

Here's a little something something she had to say about the movie:
"Mon Oncle is a quirky, Chaplinesque film set in Paris. Jacques Tati relies on sound and sight gags rather than dialogue to move the plot along. This satirical film follows one eccentric family’s relationship with their over-technologized home at a peak of the French infatuation with all things Modern. Released in 1958 during a similar time of economic downturn, it's a must see for anyone who has been pondering the economic societal values during this recession."

Not sure about most of it, but you had me at "Chaplinsque" and "sight gags". See you there!

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