Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ah yeah, good coffee. La Colombe to be exact. Strong, dark and life giving coffee. I was a student once (a hundred years ago.) I had my favorite spot to grab my morning addiction. I would order a coffee that was housed in an awesome cup - as shown here. It was a breakfast truck coffee. I loved it. It was coffee dressed in brown with lots of sugar and cream. I was a student, don't look at me that way! Students need coffee like they need air. The baristi at Capo understand this and more importantly, they LOVE coffee. Chris at Capopenn makes a mean cappuccino (we call it the sexaccino.) So, to show our love to the students and honor their love of caffeine, Cheap Coffee Week is in full force! FiddyCent La Colombe coffee this week at our University City location at the Radian Building to ease you into that morning class. Offer ends at 11am. We don't have those uber cool coffee cups, but we do have amazing pastries, yogurt and steel cut oatmeal.

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