Monday, September 14, 2009

CapoYunk Movie Night!

From the desk of Lydia:

...I would really love to show "Ladri di biciclette"/ THE BICYCLE THIEVES!

This is an old-e. And a good-e. It's only an hour and a half, and it's about what a man would do for his bike (I think we all are familiar with this scenario.)

This movie selection is dedicated to Jason because he wants this one shown and I hope his recovery is a speedy one(-:

I really hope you guys are still telling yr friends about this! I can only do so much as one person with a gazillion flyers.

Movie night is really turning into couples night- this past monday that's exactly what it was- plus jeanette and rj sitting next to each other (?!?!?!) haha jk...

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