Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Need an excuse for more chocolate in your life?

Not that anyone should, though I have heard rumors about people feeling the need to limit their indulgences to few and far between. If you're reading this, chances are you're not one of those people (thank God). To that end, we here at Capo have found yet another caveat to add to the list of reasons why we can't fit into skinny jeans.
Not so long ago, a jovial young man approached us about carrying his product - B.T. Brownies, he said. Brownies, you say? Interesting...
Oh no, my friends. These bitties are THE brownie. The penultimate, be all end all, chocolate dream thing that is only topped by our Cioccolato Scuro (but seriously, some things just can't be beat...) We're now touting them with the love and affection we only break out for Stuff We Really Like - we've got em in triplicate: the traditional cookie brownie, the 70% dark chocolate "regular" brownie, and my personal favorite, the peanut butter brownie.
If all that goodness isn't enough for you, it just gets better. You all know what big fans we are of the local ingredients, sans preservatives and all that badness? These guys do it right - supporting Lancaster farms (just like us!) and doing everything in their loving arms to create the best product they can. And it's a husband and wife, how cute is that?
So as the nights get chillier, come hang out with us at 13th Street Capo and try one of these bad boys. I'm telling you, with a dark chocolate brownie in one hand and some gelato in the other, you definitely won't be thinking about what gets you down during the course of the day.
And really, isn't that what it's all about??

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