Thursday, April 24, 2014

"This is rumor control."

Listen, just to get out ahead of things--we're okay for limes. Maybe you've heard there's something of a lime shortage going on? It's true, geopolitics are potentially getting in between you and your citrusy adult beverages, just as we're getting into what most civilized, cultured, and respectable people consider gin-drinking season. Stephen Colbert (or is it Stephen Colbert? You can never tell with that guy) took notice, though if he'd asked me I could have gotten him up to speed a couple of weeks ago: But really--we're okay. At Capogiro, anyway. I was reading news a couple of weeks ago and got worried, so I emailed Dan and said "DAN. WHAT'RE WE GONNA DO ABOUT LIMES MAN, BECAUSE GIN AND TONICS," because I'll sleep easier at night if I know that I can at least poach a lime or three from work for my gin and tonics if I can't find any at the store. But Dan pretty much said "S'cool brah. I know a guy" or something along those lines. Sooooo I guess everything's okay for us, limewise? I mean, I've learned that if Dan says anything resembling "It'll be fine," things really will be fine. Ultimately. Even if I have to make a little magic happen myself. Incidentally here's what it looked like the last time Dan and I got together for a quick meeting: Really.

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