Thursday, April 3, 2014

We will bring you fancy cheese, because we think you're pretty okay.

Hey so. Everyone's hip to what CSA stands for, right? And what a CSA, like, stands for? Well okay, quick primer--CSA stands for community-supported agriculture, and what they're all about is getting eaters (like you) more closely in touch with the farmers and producers who...produce food. So we're pretty excited to let you know that we've paired up with Yellow Springs Farm--we're going to be their West Philadelphia pick-up location for their cheese CSA distribution.

And see, Yellow Springs is all about the goats. Small ruminants are awesome! Also endearing. LOOGIT THIS LIL DUDE (?)!! 

And you know who loves goats? Kids! (That one works on a couple of levels, if you think about it.) Grab up your small fry and go on up to the farm to feed a goat or three.

But you're wondering about the cheese maybe--you can find sign-up forms on the website (here, another link for you) and then select...well, you can for sure choose to pick your cheese up here if you like, but maybe there's somewhere else in town that works better for you. You can also run by the store here and pick up a sign-up form to mail in, if you like. Grab some gelato while you're at it, obvi.

And listen, if you've never had really, really good cheese from goats' milk--not just chevre, I'm saying--you really have to give it a shot. So there's that!

In other local food news, we'll be at the Manayunk spring StrEAT Food Festival next weekend! Which means we're getting well into eating-gelato-outside season, and it's bloody well about time.

(close enough)

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