Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sometimes you gotta have a little faith, right?

Listen, I know that this:
is maybe not the MOST appealing piece of fruit you've ever seen. You're looking at it and maybe thinking, "How can a fruit be simultaneously both that ugly and that boring-looking?" And you're pretty right, really.

But it's a mamey sapote, and they're another one on that list of fruits and flavors that you'll only ever find with us. Most often we use them to make sorbetto, but given how creamy they are, they actually make a rippin' good vegan frappe, if you're of a mind.

 And who doesn't love walking around with a frappe? The weather's really starting to turn, the trees are finally--FINALLY--starting to turn green in earnest, and we're all waiting with bated breath to hear about strawberries. So you comin' in this weekend? Maybe to stock up on pints for after Easter dinner, if that's your thing? We'll be here!


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