Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cold brew is the only way to fly!

     Let me paint you a picture, its a hot summer morning. As you walk out your front door to greet the day, the sun beats down on your back. Your head is cloudy and your arms feel like noodles. One thing is clear, its coffee time. Only the purest of brown elixirs can cure this summer slump that you've seemed to succumb to. You walk into a nearby coffee shop and the words "One Iced coffee please" slip out of your mouth so effortlessly, the Barista is in awe. He hands you a cup of their finest Iced coffee. Bliss. You float out the door and swoon at the thought of your first sip. The straw reaches your mouth, its almost time. You take a sip and then, Bam! You fall to the ground. The coffee is terrible. Clearly a batch of danky derelict drip passed off as true iced coffee. Blasphemy!
     Sadly this happens to more and more people every day. Don't trust a Capfauxgiro! Come in to Capogiro anytime for a cup of the most delicious cold brewed iced coffee you have ever tried! Its coffee time!

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