Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!!

It was a great memorial day with all of my fellow Philadelphians that decided not to hit the beach this year for the holiday. Each cup of cold gelato we served helped to make everyone a little bit more tolerant of the fresh spring heat. Despite being plenty comfortable in our cafe's air conditioned habitat , I still missed the good ole' Jersey shore. My ears were left longing for its stagnant salt water companion. My toes craved the pinch of a crab's claw. My eyes yearned for its sandy souvenir.

Coulda' been in my car
With my towel and guitar
All backed up on the highway for hours

With that being said
You should stay here instead
And enjoy the gelato that's ours

From everyone here at Capogiro, we hope you had a safe and happy holiday!


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