Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Strawberry Day

As the shiny new manager of Capo 20th, I recently found out that I get to take part in this blog. I thought about what to write to you guys all week, really, I looked forward to this. This is it, it's Wednesday, it's my go at the ol' blog. I was at a blank all day, then I realized it's STRAWBERRY DAY. This is a perfect day to start this!

For weeks customers have been coming in, spotting Cactus Pear's vibrant pink color, hoping it was strawberry, and I've had to tell them "Sorry ya'll, a little bit longer!" Not today. Today, I got to greet people rushing in from the rain with a sample of our perfectly textured Strawberry Tequilla Sorbet, and Strawberries and Cream Gelato. It most definitely made this dreary day a little brighter.

For some people, summer starts when they get to go to their first baseball game of the season, others, it's their Memorial Day weekend down the shore. Personally, I look forward to the flavors of summer. Sweet berries mixed with bright, tart lemon is classic. Refreshing and light cucumber, or watermelon is a must. Summer is pretty much the best. If you're like me, and need a good kick in the taste buds to remind you warmer days are ahead, get in here for some of this sweet strawberry action before it's back to pumpkin everything, and Facebook statuses about shoveling snow.

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