Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Eve of Thanksgiving

Can you believe how frightfully cold it is outside?!? The weather is certainly all the small talk anyone is having this week. Of course this weather is happening right now when everyone's about to start running around for the holidays... ALL I WANT FOR THANKSGIVING IS TO NOT HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE! Sunday during the few minutes I dared go outside I stumbled upon this sight in Logan Square on the Parkway:

Being in the cafe all day means I drink warm beverages all day. Besides La Columbe coffee, which probably is a large portion of the liquid weight in my body I also enjoy our delicious Hot Cider.  We get it from Beiler Orchard in Gap, PA because of course we get the best our locality has to offer.  Some whipped cream and cinnamon makes it extra extra special.

Right now, I am all snug at home making my grandmother's extra special pumpkin pie. The oven on all evening with pie inside makes for a great smell and aids my somewhat sluggish heating system.  My spouse and kitty are sitting on the couch reading books. We at Capogiro hope you're snug with your loved ones this Thanksgiving Eve.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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