Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In my opinion, winter is too cold for fun.  I dislike grey chilliness and being shut indoors.  Interestingly enough, our customers here at Capogiro come in for frozen treats even when they, themselves are half frozen to death.  Our gelato is just that good!  Alright, I admit I have some fun when its cold out because it means we have our winter wonderland of seasonal gelato and sorbetto. Cranberry sorbetto, mint chocolate, king leo stracciatella, and the best of them all, my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE in the Capogiro arsenal...... SWEET POTATO PRALINE.

People, this gelato is the best in the world.  If you don't believe National Geographic then believe me.  And if you don't believe me then come in on a day that we have sweet potato praline and believe your mouth.  It's simply the best thing to ever exist.  And I personally saw the kitchen stocking the ingredients to make it.  Have no doubt that it is coming soon.

<3 Tori Styner

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