Thursday, November 14, 2013


These furry weird red guy have arrived again and are as tasty as ever.

Rambutan are relatives of the Lychee which if you are a fan of asian cuisine you may be a little more familiar with.  They have a similar soft fleshy edible inside but on the outside they have this soft bristly red shell.  They come from Indonesia and Malaysia and have to be picked when they are already bright red and ripe as they are a non-climacteric fruit meaning they will not ripen further after being picked.

Though native to Asia they are now grown in many tropical regions including India, the Caribbean islands, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and even Hawaii where it has been one of their top 3 produced fruits.

If you are buying Rambutan for yourselves you should look for them still attached to their branches as this keeps them healthy and fresh for much longer.  Also if the Maharlika variety are available to you I would try to pick them over other varieties as the seeds of other varieties are much more difficult to remove from the delicate tasty fruit that surrounds it.

I watched our kitchen turn a batch into delicious sorbetto yesterday.  Keep checking our flavor listing online and come by and try it.

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  1. rambutan is delicious