Thursday, November 14, 2013

Movin' on up!

After nearly two years at the flagship store, I've left Midtown Village for our store in Rittenhouse. I’ll miss all the staff, neighbors and regulars at 13th Street but am excited to meet all new friends. One thing that Capo Rittenhouse has that the other stores don’t is Gelato Cakes! I've enjoyed learning about these beauties and even sat down with two different customers today and chatted about their customized cake orders in a sort-of cake consultation. Where’s my TLC reality show? It’s could be called “Gelato Cake Queen” and I’m sure I could invent lots of drama that would make for very riveting television. Anyways, don’t forget about us when you’re thinking of a unique and fabulous dessert idea.  

More to come on my adventures at Capogiro 20th Street but it’s getting very hard to type anymore….

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  1. Wow that cat is very adorable MEOOOOOWWWW. Also, I think you are a very cool cat yourself. We miss you...