Thursday, August 9, 2012

The internet is weird.

I mean, for serious. I've got nothing against a good funny kitten picture, and I like a good, snarky blog post as much as anyone. But then...look, just watch this: Chilling. I've never been particularly afflicted with coulrophobia, Stephen King's It is a great book. But man. That guy. Mighta just put me off my cereal.

 If you were ever curious what the intersection between Monty Python and all those cute internet kittens was... "Positively barking," we'll call it. Though I could be mixing my metaphors, or something. Look, we're all for the twisted here at Capogiro (More than you know, maybe...), but sometimes it's good to know that we can keep that twistedness to just our Dulce de Leche or Tiramisu.

 S'hot out. Come on by, the cantaloupe and absinthe is killin' it today.

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