Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Longing for a Dark and Serious Love

During a normal week, you can spot me behind the case at Capogiro13, giving you infinite samples of our delectable gelato.  But this past week I spent not behind the case, but in front of it.  As a last shebang of summer fun, I traveled to NYC with my mom to shop, dine, and explore.  Our trip was nice in the way that we didn’t have much planned, so we were free to wander the streets of NYC and be held mercy to it’s wonders.  What did I find?  Gelato.

Now, I hadn’t previously realized how addicted to Capogiro Gelato I had become.  For those of you who don’t know, employees are allowed and encouraged to try all the flavors every shift.  That’s so we can tell you what’s especially good, what pairs well, and so we can recommend favorites or options.  We at Capogiro like to know our gelato intimately so we can play matchmaker with customers ;)

During my week off from work, a gelato hungry beast rose up inside me. Surprisingly I missed work because I missed the gelato.  But the gelato wasn’t hard to sniff out in New York.  My mother and I were meandering through the curiously aromatic Chinatown, with it’s dried fish and exotic fruit, when we spotted Little Italy up ahead.  We made the transition from dried fish and waving cats to Roman art and camerieri (Italian waiters).  Tucked between each outdoor restaurant, were gelato carts and my fellow gelato servers.  I immediately began sizing Capo’s gelato up to these seemingly authentic Italian creations.  None were as beautifully presented.

I recognized all the basic flavors in most of the carts; Cioccolato, Stracciatella, and Pistacchio, but no cart could stand up to Capo’s variety of flavors.  I stood in front of each case dreaming of Ducle di Leche and Cioccolato Scuro from capo but my yearnings were in vain because no cart had anything that looked as good.  I finally selected some Stracciatella and was very happy, but not completely satisfied because my heart yearned for Scuro.  I will return to work tomorrow at 3, and am really looking forward to reuniting with my much-pined-for-lover, Cioccolato Scuro.

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