Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ernest Hemmingway, Gelato Blogger

Concept shamelessly stolen from McSweeney's.


Alice had a sweet tooth so she and Hank and I left the apartment to get gelato. It was raining and my shirt got wet. At the gelato shop we tasted a few things from a guy with thick black glasses and messy hair. Hank said he was a lousy hipster but Alice thought he was kinda good looking so I didn't say much either way. The nectarine tasted very good so I ordered a cup. The guy said I could have two flavors so I decided to get pistachio as well. The other barista was blonde and had tattoos and by the look of her sweater she had at least one cat. I ate the gelato and ordered a single espresso. The espresso was also good but it was hot and burned the tip of my tongue so I spat it out and had to clean it up with a small white napkin. Hank said it was a damned shame. We left and I tried to light a smoke but I couldn't find my matchbook. We went across the street to get a whiskey but the line was too long so we said screw it and went to the zoo instead.

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