Thursday, May 5, 2011


Oh Philly, why are you so indecisive lately?

I remember growing up in the beast of the N'East (aka Wissinoming/Frankford, the last frontier before the city starts totally looking like a bizarre suburb) and having plenty of spring days after school was finished where I could climb the smallest billboard in the world, eat goofy kid snacks from the penny candy store, and find skateboards that I thought were possessed because they had metal band names on them. A seance at dusk around some 15 year old's graffiti'ed shark-looking broken deck while wearing my Catholic school uniform is one of my fondest childhood memories of spring, and I would totally up and relive it if Philly would finally pick a season to commit to. Everyone knows that witch-y moon woman clothes are neither proper summer nor winter apparel, and if I'm going to have a seance at 22, I'm absolutely going to have to dress like Stevie Nicks.
Philly, you've been fickle and moody weather-wise. We all know that the bigger cities treat you like a redheaded stepchild, but there is no reason for you to take it out on the ones who love you most. Your recent summonings of blaring sun one day only to follow up with big, cold, rainy, baby tears the next (come on, a sunburn on a Monday, and a winter coat that Tuesday?)...its all just totally unacceptable. You are worse than a three year old.
However, some positives have come out of your barometric temper tantrums. When the shock of these sporadic summer-like afternoons come right after a cold, rainy day people tend to appreciate the weather a little more and adventure out of their crawlspaces over to Capo-yunk. The avenue has been booming when the sunshine decides to hit the right spot, and when all the planets seem like they've aligned, I admit it has been psyching me up for the summer season. I guess for now I'll consider these weird little bursts of warmth a coy tease in preparation for June, July, and August, when everyday has that glorious, lazy haze of summer.


P.S.: Happy Cinco De Mayo err'body.

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