Thursday, April 24, 2014

"This is rumor control."

Listen, just to get out ahead of things--we're okay for limes. Maybe you've heard there's something of a lime shortage going on? It's true, geopolitics are potentially getting in between you and your citrusy adult beverages, just as we're getting into what most civilized, cultured, and respectable people consider gin-drinking season. Stephen Colbert (or is it Stephen Colbert? You can never tell with that guy) took notice, though if he'd asked me I could have gotten him up to speed a couple of weeks ago: But really--we're okay. At Capogiro, anyway. I was reading news a couple of weeks ago and got worried, so I emailed Dan and said "DAN. WHAT'RE WE GONNA DO ABOUT LIMES MAN, BECAUSE GIN AND TONICS," because I'll sleep easier at night if I know that I can at least poach a lime or three from work for my gin and tonics if I can't find any at the store. But Dan pretty much said "S'cool brah. I know a guy" or something along those lines. Sooooo I guess everything's okay for us, limewise? I mean, I've learned that if Dan says anything resembling "It'll be fine," things really will be fine. Ultimately. Even if I have to make a little magic happen myself. Incidentally here's what it looked like the last time Dan and I got together for a quick meeting: Really.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sometimes you gotta have a little faith, right?

Listen, I know that this:
is maybe not the MOST appealing piece of fruit you've ever seen. You're looking at it and maybe thinking, "How can a fruit be simultaneously both that ugly and that boring-looking?" And you're pretty right, really.

But it's a mamey sapote, and they're another one on that list of fruits and flavors that you'll only ever find with us. Most often we use them to make sorbetto, but given how creamy they are, they actually make a rippin' good vegan frappe, if you're of a mind.

 And who doesn't love walking around with a frappe? The weather's really starting to turn, the trees are finally--FINALLY--starting to turn green in earnest, and we're all waiting with bated breath to hear about strawberries. So you comin' in this weekend? Maybe to stock up on pints for after Easter dinner, if that's your thing? We'll be here!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Saw the Sign

The A-frame sign: a primitive platform for marketing and ideas, a purveyor of witticisms, a beacon of welcome. Maybe they're even pre-social media? Well before I get on my social commentary high horse, I will say that a few of our staff members are really masters of this antiquated art.  People are literally coming in from the streets just to comment on our street signs and they're the talk of the neighborhood.  

Tori is a barista and a-frame sign extraordinaire at Capogiro 13th St. Here are a few of her creations:

Kate is 20th St's Assistant manager and A-frame sign powerhouse: 

So if you are one whose commute through life is brightened just a tiny bit by these signs, next time come in, chat with the artist and try some new spring gelato flavors. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

We will bring you fancy cheese, because we think you're pretty okay.

Hey so. Everyone's hip to what CSA stands for, right? And what a CSA, like, stands for? Well okay, quick primer--CSA stands for community-supported agriculture, and what they're all about is getting eaters (like you) more closely in touch with the farmers and producers who...produce food. So we're pretty excited to let you know that we've paired up with Yellow Springs Farm--we're going to be their West Philadelphia pick-up location for their cheese CSA distribution.

And see, Yellow Springs is all about the goats. Small ruminants are awesome! Also endearing. LOOGIT THIS LIL DUDE (?)!! 

And you know who loves goats? Kids! (That one works on a couple of levels, if you think about it.) Grab up your small fry and go on up to the farm to feed a goat or three.

But you're wondering about the cheese maybe--you can find sign-up forms on the website (here, another link for you) and then select...well, you can for sure choose to pick your cheese up here if you like, but maybe there's somewhere else in town that works better for you. You can also run by the store here and pick up a sign-up form to mail in, if you like. Grab some gelato while you're at it, obvi.

And listen, if you've never had really, really good cheese from goats' milk--not just chevre, I'm saying--you really have to give it a shot. So there's that!

In other local food news, we'll be at the Manayunk spring StrEAT Food Festival next weekend! Which means we're getting well into eating-gelato-outside season, and it's bloody well about time.

(close enough)