Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weird food politics at the Olympics? Weird!

Olympics! I'm a big fan. BIG fan! I'm not a jingoist or anything, but I really do like the idea of people competitively representing their countries in wholesome, meaningful ways that don't involve uranium, be it enriched or depleted.

But then, you know. There always seems to be SOME kind of weirdness going on behind the scenes and away from the usual competition. It's probably because of all the money involved and the predictable chicanery of how all that money gets slipped into various pockets (but never the athletes'. Heavens no! They must remain pure and unbesmirched by such lowly concerns as compensation and, like, their livelihoods, much like America's own "student athletes!")

And there's for sure some larger, weirder weirdness afoot in Russia. The accommodations sure seem...lacking, especially for the media. And c'mon man, lay off the dogs! Granted a bunch of strays running around isn't always as charming as it may sound--ask my aunt about all the satos on Vieques sometime--but there's probably SOMETHING better to do with all of them than a mass slaughter.

But now things are getting snippy about Greek yogurt bound for the American delegation. On one hand you have a country--its senators even, which seems excessive and maybe misguided, but whatever--arguing that their athletes are dependent on this one particular product because it's been part of their training regimen this whole time, and I can attest myself that protein after a burly workout can be an even better pain reliever than, you know, pain relievers. On the other hand, you have a country who sure does love its bureaucracy and is noting that the proper forms have not been filled out. Maybe we could get the Brits to help out? They always seem so confident of their talents at navigating through red tape.

But on the other other hand...maybe not? Maybe the American athletes could find a local alternative for their yogurting needs? EVERYwhere has its own particular ways of making and serving yogurt. And at this point, everyone knows that the manufacturing process for Greek yogurt is crazy-wasteful and rough on the environment, right? Right, of course you knew that.

So yeah, I guess I'm on the side of...well, no one's side really. I just sort of think that if you're going to fly halfway around the world you should probably make it a point to try the local food instead of insisting on exploding the carbon footprint of an already dubious product just because you're a picky eater and have to have THIS ONE THING because...what. Do they really not have yogurt around the Black Sea? Color me skeptical.

You know us, and you know how important local foods are to us. Which is why we're so lucky that Pequea Valley is so close and so good. Product shot!!

So yeah. Eat local! And here's hoping the Canadians get the collective grin knocked off their cheerfully and politely cocky...enh. Who am I kidding? They're all so nice, even when they're pummeling you in the neutral zone. Hockey reference!

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