Thursday, February 20, 2014



Myself and barista Matt Sick had a very interesting night at Capogiro on Sunday.  The weather was actually pretty nice (and by that I mean not blizzarding) and the store pretty busy when all of the sudden PSSSHOOOOOOOOMMMMMM.  Lights out.  For the entire block.  Capogiro 13, El Vez, RAW, and Zio’s pizza all lost power during prime time dinner service, with their restaurants full of people midway through meals, dessert, and coffee.  Duross & Langel, Springboard Media, and Doggie Style also lost power but their customers weren’t in the middle of a meal. (probably)

After talking with Peco and realizing that the power outage would last all night, we had to close early, around six.  But before we closed, we got a mad rush of people who still wanted gelato.  Capogiro customers are truly dedicated, gelato-loving people.  I’ve seen them come in for gelato in below freezing weather, during blizzards, during tornado warnings, and on Christmas eve.  And now I’ve seen Capogio customers coming in for gelato when the store was pitch black and the gelato rapidly melting.  THAT’S HOW GOOD IT IS.  People will eat it in the dark!!!  They will use their smartphones flashlight feature to see the labels and order.  We’re so fortunate to have a product that good!

Thank you to all our very understanding blackout customers, and apologies to all who came expecting capogiro later that night and were disappointed.  Today we are back open for business!!  (with full lighting)

-Tori Styner

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