Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Surprising Gifts of the Cold Season

Everyone on the Northeast coast is well aware that the ground is as frozen as the air, and we are all over the weather, but we do have to thank our winter season for some of our favorite fruits!  It may be cold, but there is a lot of fruit still in season that we incorporate into our gelato and sorbetto every morning.  Here are five fruits and veggies  that you may be surprised to learn are in season right now:

This vitamin A and C rich nutrient is in season right now.  Originating in Europe as one of the most common green vegetables, Kale has found a hefty place in the American diet, and grows exceptionally well in the winter.

Packed with all the vitamin C you need to ward off sickness, these citrus are among many that thrive in the winter.  Capogiro makes a particularly potent Mandarino sorbetto that has been very popular this year.

Another fruit containing a good amount of vitamin C and A, this is a less common, but super delicious fruit of the winter.  For those who have never seen or tasted one, come on in and get a sample of our Persimmon Sorbetto, you are guaranteed to fall in love with a strange new fruit.

High in vitamin C and potassium, kiwis are an excellent tart treat to keep you thinking of summer, even though their growing season is actually in the winter. If you don’t like the taste of kiwis, you can actually use them as a meat tenderizer. If you do like kiwis, you will love our kiwi sorbetto.

Grapefruit campari is one of the best sorbetto that Capogiro makes, and its way more prominent in the winter.  Yet another nutrient rich fruit, particularly in vitamin C.  Stop in and give it a sample.

Most of these foods will not only make your tastebuds sing, but help you fight winter chills and colds with all of their nutrients!!

-Tori Styner

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