Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good news? I guess?

So the Sriracha factory near Los Angeles got the okay to keep producing for the time being, which I'm sure is a relief to...literally dozens of people, I guess. I just can't get that up in arms about it.

For one thing, it's just hot sauce. And it's not even my favored hot sauce--that'd be Tapatio, which I'm struggling to find on the east coast. Don't get me wrong--sriracha's fine. I like it on eggs, unless they're scrambled or an omelette, in which case it's ketchup for me. But there are definitely a few people who go nutsy for it in particular, and I guess I just can't get on board. It's not like there aren't alternatives. If nothing else, there's always  Sambal Oelek from the same people which...I mean, to me it strikes me as being pretty much the same sauce, just without the garlic. Which, sure, you could make a point that without garlic it's a completely different thing. But then again if you're that devoted do sriracha you're maybe one of those people who are just looking for "Asian ketchup," and frankly it's a little lame of you to be so reductionist.

I guess really I just think that an all-purpose condiment--"It's great on everything mewmew!!!"--kind of defeats the purpose of eating a different meal every day. Sure, sriracha's okay on pizza, but if you put it on your pizza and your steak and your eggs AND your potatoes AND whatever else...really everything's just going to taste like sriracha. To be honest, that's basically the same thing as being a picky fourteen year old who won't eat anything that doesn't have ranch dressing on it. (Ranch dressing is also fine, provided you're not putting it on bloody well everything, which, as I make it further into this post, I think is maybe the central point I'm trying to get at here.)

So for sure, sauce up your stuff a bit! But not every time. And not on everything. And maybe not with only one condiment ever. It still strikes me as weird that people put sriracha on tacos. Would you put buffalo hot sauce in your pho? You...would? ...Really? Man. I'm not sure I can actually help you then. Good luck though!

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