Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Crunch Time for Gift buying!

If you're like me, then you need the pressure of "last minute" as motivation to finally choose and seek out gifts for your loved ones and gift-worthy acquaintances.  And if, like me, you also have enough "stuff" and enjoy gifts that are consumable (i.e. things that never sit around long), food is always a good way to go. To that effect, Capogiro has some great (read: delicious) last-minute gifts.  An 8 oz. bag of Gilda's Biscotti is a must in every Philly local food gift basket I make. The Dad's Midnight Stash variety is great because it includes all their flavors.  Each bite is a delicious surprise!

We carefully curate our candy selection to have the most unique and delicious treats.  A lot of these items make great stockings stuffers!  These include Colts Bolts, real Italian Hazelnut chocolates from La Suissa, Philly Love Bars, Hammond Candy Canes in cool flavors like Apple Pie, and much, much more!  

Or there's always the easy peasy but always pleasy gift card!  

It's a little too late to ship pints through our website, but we hand-pack pints in all stores that can be packed with ice for travel.  Our gelato is always a hit at holiday parties!  

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