Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas from Capo13

Happy frantic shopping week everybody!! Philly streets are a bustling with holiday shoppers from the burbs, tourists, and locals looking for the perfect presents for friends, family, and co workers.  Are you a clueless christmas shopper?  Why not a Capogiro gift card??  If your giftee doesn't drink our piping hot, delicious coffee, we have tea!!  If they don't drink liquid, we have panini's, cookies, cakes, and snacks!!  And if they don't like any of those things, they will undoubtedly love our gelato and sorbetto.  So no matter what they like, a Capogiro giftcard is the answer.  The best news is that they come in any denomination, so you can buy your co worker a cup of coffee, or coffee for the year!  We also have an awesome assortment of holiday candies, like candy canes, caramels, and biscotti for stocking stuffers or Christmas eve snacks.

If you are planning to bring gelato for any christmas events BEWARE THAT WE ARE CLOSED ON CHRISTMAS and have shortened hours on christmas eve so all the baristi can have dinner with their families too!  So be sure to swing by earlier this week to pick up some pints.

As we close out this wonderful 2013 year, you can expect the anticipated arrival of blood orange sorbetto, one of our most craved flavors throughout the year.

Here are some lovely chrismas carols from southpark!!

<3 Tori Styner

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