Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Capo Fun Guide!

Looking for some ways to enjoy the next few days? Here's a few ideas.

Thursday, June 26th:
- USA vs. Germany World Cup Match
You can catch the game at 12 pm.

- The Awesome Fest Outdoor Movie Series at Clark Park
This is the first day of the series. It will be every Thursday 8-10 until August 14th

Friday, June 27th:
- NHL Draft at the Wells Fargo Center
At 7 pm you can catch the kickoff for this coming NHL season.

Saturday, June 28th:
- NHL Draft at the Wells Fargo Center
Same as yesterday. This time it's at 10 am.

- University City Summer Series behind The Walnut Street Free Library
Free summer monthly concerts starting at 6 pm.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Don't forget to look up!

Since the excessive snow storms and chilly weather have finally left us alone, I decided that I want to walk to work every day. It's a few miles round trip and can be a bit unwanted at times but I always pick different routes to maintain my interest. I mostly enjoy my walk past The Hale Building between Sansom and Chestnut on Juniper St. If you're familiar with The Divine Lorraine up on Fairmont and Broad then you might recognize the same architectural prowess of the late Willis G. Hale (hence "Hale" building). I don't claim to know much in the field of Philadelphia architecture. I just enjoy the old Philly relics that have survived for over a century.
Next time you're feeling down about the long trek ahead, just keep your head on a swivel  and try to enjoy the view. Oh, and come enjoy some of our fine gelato and other desserts!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Want Candy...

I hope that song is stuck in your head all day...

We have a new candy supplier, and I'm in love with our new products. They're delicious, simple, go great with some coffee or espresso, and I can't lie, I love that the prices are reasonable. I'm a single mom, and am always looking for a deal on just about anything, especially something that grants me a moments escape from my nephew screaming in my ear and my daughter asking me 15 times in a row why I can't just download Jumamji... there's not enough seeders kid! How do you know about this already, anyway?! 

So..chocolate. It's my vice. Every mom needs one, and that's mine. I'll start off with talking about B.T. McElrath's chocolate bites. Perfect little squares of dark chocolate with your option of two flavors, Salted Butter Caramel, or Salty Dog which is just dark chocolate with a perfect amount of sea salt sprinkled on them. Perfection.

Next up is Jcoco. They're like the Tom's Shoes of chocolate. Unique flavors like cayenne and orange with white chocolate, or black figs and pistachio set in dark chocolate wrapped in beautiful, vibrant packaging draw you in, the melt in your mouth, soft chocolate taste makes you want more. For every truffle bar sold, this company will give a healthy meal to someone who otherwise wouldn't get one. At $3 a pop, how can you turn this down?

We have plenty of other new things like gum, and fancy mints from Italy, too! On your next visit, I'm telling you, treat yourself to any of our new products, and you won't be disappointed.

Til next week ya'll!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ciao, Philly Beer Week!

I guess I'll have to wait a whole year until I can have beer again! Or maybe just beer gelato.  But luckily Philly is a big beer city and we have multiple beer weeks and beer festivals still upcoming!

We Capogirians do hope that you had a chance to come in and try our delicious beer flavors this past week. The espresso infused milk stout flavor was particularly enjoyable. Let's take a final moment to salute the wonderful beer flavors that are going back into hibernation....for now!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do you have avocado sorbetto today?

I never like to say “no” to customers, so when confronted with this question by the die-hard fans (groupies?) of our creamiest, greenest, most elusive sorbetto, I'd rather offer them all the yeses I've got.

Yes, avocado is a fruit.

Yes, avocado is great on toast.

Yes, avocados only ripen after they're picked.

Yes, avocado sorbetto is naturally that lovely shade of green.

Yes, avocados have more potassium per gram than bananas.

Yes, you can sprout your own avocado tree from a regular avocado pit.

But today I have the best yes of all: Yes, today at 20th street we do have avocado sorbetto!

- Gloria

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beer Week!!!!!! and more Strawberry!!!

In honor of Beer Week we have rolled out three of Lancaster Brewing Company's beers in your favorite beer dessert form.

If you haven't made yourself sick of strawberries eating our amazing gelato and sorbetto made with sweet, fresh strawberries then try this wheat lager style strawberry flavored brew as your tasty dessert.

We have their traditional English sweet stout known simply as 'Milk Stout'.

And last but definitely not least another milk stout infused with ESPRESSO! This just sounds too awesome.  Beer, gelato, and espresso all rolled into one.

Please drink safely and enjoy the rest of beer week.