Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Don't forget to look up!

Since the excessive snow storms and chilly weather have finally left us alone, I decided that I want to walk to work every day. It's a few miles round trip and can be a bit unwanted at times but I always pick different routes to maintain my interest. I mostly enjoy my walk past The Hale Building between Sansom and Chestnut on Juniper St. If you're familiar with The Divine Lorraine up on Fairmont and Broad then you might recognize the same architectural prowess of the late Willis G. Hale (hence "Hale" building). I don't claim to know much in the field of Philadelphia architecture. I just enjoy the old Philly relics that have survived for over a century.
Next time you're feeling down about the long trek ahead, just keep your head on a swivel  and try to enjoy the view. Oh, and come enjoy some of our fine gelato and other desserts!


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