Thursday, March 6, 2014

Admit it, you've been wondering.

So we're heading up to St. Patrick's Day (happens every year, don't you know) and you can tell we're on top of the dates because the Irish Potato gelato has made its way back into our cases. And you sample it and you like it and you get that it's got cream cheese and coconut and cinnamon and all. But you still don't actually know what an Irish potato is. It's okay, you're totally not alone. I didn't know either until I got here! But an Irish potato is, quixotically, neither especially Irish or (usually) inclusive of any potato. But it is very, very Philadelphia. When they haven't been gelatoed, they look like this:
And you have to admit that they really do look an awful lot like potatoes, what with the pine nut "eyes." And cocoa powder is a whole lot more appealing than the usual gray dirt you usually have to scrub off your potatoes. So all in all they really might be altogether superior to your bog-standard Idaho baker, but probably not really as tasty covered in sour cream and bacon. That's just me, though. If coconut and sour cream sounds like a winning thing to you, then hey. You do that.

So come on in; we should have Irish potato in rotation for the next couple of weeks at least. And after that...who knows? Maybe it won't actually snow any more this year and then we really can start convincing ourselves that this winter will eventually become spring. will, right? It can't stay cold forever, can it? Let's listen to something vaguely tropical.

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